This is me

In works of labour, or of skill,
I would be busy too;
For Satan finds some mischief still,
For idle hands to do.
- Isaac Watts

I’m a graduate student at The Wharton School, pursuing a PhD in Statistics and Data Science.

Before this, I worked full-time doing software engineering and computational cognitive neuroscience research at Penn’s Computational Memory Lab with Michael Kahana. While working for the lab I finished a part-time engineering Master’s in Data Science, which included a thesis supervised by Konrad Kording. I attended Penn for undergrad as well, majoring in Physics & Astronomy with a Concentration in Business and Technology, along with minors in English and Music.

I was drawn to statistics and machine learning through a desire to find my place in a world overwhelmed with data. There are many diverse problems I want to tackle (probably too many), but you can read a brief overview of my past research and current interests. I love to think about the world both experientially and mathematically, and earnestly believe we need both perspectives in order to have any idea what’s going on around us.

You can check out my CV here.

I am always excited to learn more or think about something new. Please shoot me an email or schedule a meeting if you’d be interested in chatting with me or maybe collaborating on a project!

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