This is me

In works of labour, or of skill,
I would be busy too;
For Satan finds some mischief still,
For idle hands to do.
- Isaac Watts

Hey there! I’m Joey. I’m a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing an MSE in Data Science. I attended Penn for undergrad as well, majoring in Physics & Astronomy with a Concentration in Business and Technology, along with minors in English and Music.

My focus has increasingly shifted to statistics, data analysis, and machine learning as I try to find my place in a world overwhelmed with data. I am currently doing computational cognitive neuroscience research with Penn’s Computational Memory Lab, where I analyze brain recordings and model human memory. This work involves lots of signal processing and time series analysis while working with pretty massive datasets of high-frequency electrophysiological recordings from hundreds of participants. I love to think about the world both experientially and mathematically, and earnestly believe we need both perspectives in order to have any idea what’s going on around us.

I’m passionate about both formal and informal learning, and am always excited by opportunities to apply my knowledge and skills in new ways. Please shoot me an email if you’d be interested in chatting with me or maybe collaborating on a project!